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CARE Fertility Chester

Care Fertility Chester has held a licence with the HFEA since 2007. It is a medium-sized clinic offering all fertility treatments, including embryo testing. Data is not currently being displayed as the centre, until recently, has been unable to submit their data to the HFEA for processing due to technical issues.

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We inspect all clinics against our standards. This clinic's inspection rating is:

Overall score for 5

5 / 5

All clinics must have a licence to operate. Our inspectors visit the clinic and look at the laboratory and equipment, the clinic’s consent and other procedures and the patient information. We also interview patients for their views. We use the inspector’s assessment to decide how long the licence should be. This determines the rating.

Last inspection: 4 February 2020

Licensed until: 30 June 2023

We ask current and former patients to rate the clinic based on their experience. This clinic’s patient rating is:


Based on 6 ratings

How likely are you to recommend this clinic to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?

3 stars

Based on 6 ratings

To what extent did you feel you were treated with privacy and dignity?

4 stars

Based on 6 ratings

To what extent did you feel you understood everything that was happening throughout your treatment?

4 stars

Based on 6 ratings

Was the level of empathy and understanding shown towards you by the clinic team?

3.5 stars

Based on 6 ratings

Did you pay what you expected?

Based on 5 ratings

It was much cheaper 0
It was slightly cheaper 0
It was about right 3
It was more expensive 1
It was way above the estimate 1
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You can view this clinic's waiting times for treatment with donated eggs, sperm or embryos below. Use the table below to give you an idea of the availability at the clinic. Please contact the clinic for the most up to date information.
View the clinic waiting times.
Ethnicity Waiting times
White 1 - 6 months
Black 1 - 6 months
Asian 1 - 6 months
Mixed 1 - 6 months
Other ethnic groups 1 - 6 months
View the clinic waiting times.
Ethnicity Waiting times
White Less than 1 month
Black Less than 1 month
Asian Less than 1 month
Mixed Less than 1 month
Other ethnic groups Less than 1 month
View the clinic waiting times.
Ethnicity Waiting times
White More than 6 months
Black More than 6 months
Asian More than 6 months
Mixed More than 6 months
Other ethnic groups More than 6 months
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  • 1st floor Women and Children’s Building
  • Countess of Chester Hospital Liverpool Road
  • Chester
  • CH2 1UL


P: 01244677797

F: 01244 366515


Licence holder

CARE Fertility Group Limited

Person responsible

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 08:30 - 16:30

Saturday: 08:00 - 13:00

Sunday: 08:00 - 13:00

Satellite clinics

  • Care Fertility Liverpool

  • P: 0151 5562127
  • 8 Princes Dock Pier Head
  • Liverpool
  • L3 1DL