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Authority meetings

Our board, the Authority, meets regularly throughout the year to discuss and determine policy and practice. The meetings are based around draft papers which have been reviewed by our committees.

The Authority meeting agendas, minutes and papers

The agenda and papers for Authority meetings are published three days before the meeting date. After the meeting we publish any key decisions, as well as formal minutes.

On this page you can find out when future Authority minutes take place, as well as browsing the agendas, minutes and papers of any previous Authority meeting. 

If you require any of these meeting papers in an accessible format, please send your request to 




Attend an Authority meeting

To register your place to attend a future Authority meeting please email:

In the subject line state "Attend Authority" and the date you wish to attend.

Authority meeting documents

Please note, Annex 9 is not included in the public papers for the January 30 2019 Authority meeting.





If you need accessible versions of these documents, please consult our accessibility guidance.


Review date: 28 November 2021