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Finding out about your child's donor or donor-conceived siblings

If one or more of your children were conceived with the help of a donor, you can apply to us for certain information about their donor(s) and donor-conceived siblings. Find out more about what’s available and how you can apply for this information.

What can I find out about my child’s donor?

You can request all the personal information we have on your child’s donor, except anything that could identify them. Different donors will have provided different amounts and types of information. Some donors will only provide the minimum information required whilst others will have given a much fuller description of themselves as a person.

The information you may be able to find out includes:

  • physical description (height, weight, eye hair and skin colour) 
  • their year of birth 
  • their ethnicity
  • whether they had any children at the time of donation 
  • any additional information they chose to supply such as their occupation, religion, interests and a brief self-description
  • whether they have agreed to share their identity with people conceived from their donation once they are 18.

Please note we will remove any information that could identify the donor.

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What can I find out about my child’s donor-conceived siblings?

You can find out the number, sex and year of birth of your child’s donor-conceived siblings. It’s important to be aware that 10 different families are able to use the same donor and have multiple children so your child could be genetically related to over 20 donor-conceived siblings. It’s also possible that they have none.

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How should I use this information?

It’s completely up to you, but many parents find it helpful to use it to start a conversation with their child around their background. It might be that your child has shown an interest in learning more about their donor and siblings or you’re ready to have a conversation with them about how they were conceived.

You may wish to access professional support groups to help you to have these conversations in an open and sensitive way.

Find out more about talking to your child about their origins

What if I need information about our donor’s medical history?

Donors are required to go through a rigorous screening and recruitment process to ensure that no serious conditions or diseases are passed on to any children conceived from their donation. However, if you’re unsure about how to answer certain questions about your child’s family medical history or you need more information, you may find this leaflet from our partner organisation, Lifecycle, helpful.

Download ‘Finding out about your donor’s personal and family medical history’

Find out more about Lifecycle

How can I apply for information on my child’s donor or donor-conceived siblings?

You’ll need to complete an application form and post it to us with proof of your ID and address. It’s free to apply for information.

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Review date: 9 November 2020

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